Back to School in Cobb & Paulding County

Back To School 2017 in Cobb & Paulding Counties

This time next week, students in Cobb & Paulding County will be preparing to return to school. And there is so much to do to get ready. Local stores have already set up their back to school displays. Local big box stores are offering several basic supplies for less than $1.

Setting up a homework station, organizing supplies, school uniforms, scheduling appointments for physicals and more have probably taken over your calendar. Here are some helpful tips and checklists to help you through the next few weeks.

School Supplies

Check with your school to see if they provide a list of school supplies your child may need, or confirm if your local retailer has your school’s list available.

Elementary School Supplies

You can also check out Passion for Savings to be updated on where the specials are around you.


Create a space (permanent or temporary – depending on your space and needs) for children to complete their homework. Check out some of the ideas on Pinterest.

Creating a Homework Station

School Calendars 2017-18

Here are the school calendars for Cobb & Paulding Counties, as well as Marietta City Schools.


Cobb County 2017-18 School Calendar


Marietta City Schools Calendar


Paulding School Calendar

Looking for a new home?

Finally, if you are looking for a home in one of the area school districts (like the ones below in the North Paulding High School district), we can help you. Contact us at 678-920-3099 to help you find your dream home.

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