Bicycle Safety Around West Cobb

Bicycle Safety Around West Cobb

It’s summertime and the time of year when people are outside. It’s time to think about safety as you drive area roads, whether they are main roads or neighborhood streets. Kids are outside playing. And bike riders of all ages are everywhere! Bicycle safety around West Cobb and throughout metro Atlanta needs to be top of mind, whether you are a child or an adult. Bikers need to make sure they use bike lanes where they exist, and if they don’t, everyone needs to share the road – whether a car driver, trucker or biker. While car and truck drivers needed to pass a test to get a driver’s license, bikers do not. But in Georgia, a bicycle is legally a “vehicle”, and therefore bikers need to remember that general vehicular traffic law applies to the operation of a bicycle.

The GeorgiaBikes website offers a recap of the laws that makes it easy to understand. They also offer a calendar of bike events throughout the state to raise awareness about bike safety. The Silver Comet Trail offers bike trails, and the development of the Atlanta Beltline, biking has become even more popular around town. And Cobb County is also proposing changes that include walking and biking trails to augment those already in our area.

Click the map below to see the trails in Cobb County or visit the Cobb County website for detailed information:
Cobb County Trail Map

Georgia Bike Helmet Law

All children under 16 years of age must wear an approved bicycle helmet while riding on public roads, sidewalks and bike paths. 50-6-296 (e) (1)

Safe Kids Bike Safety

Safe Kids Bike Tips

Bicycle Safety

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