Staging Your Home for Sale


When selling, first impressions are everything. Staging your home can attract more buyers and get the best offer by showcasing your home at its best. Our expertise and passion for creating stunning homes can help increase the value of your home, sell your home faster, and outshine your competition.

Home staging is not decorating. Decorating appeals to the person living in the house; staging is positioning the home to appeal to the psychological needs of buyers by creating a series of impressions that build an emotional connection to help buyers imagine living in the home. An AOL Money & Finance poll revealed that 87% of respondents said home presentation makes the difference in most sales.

Home staging can be as simple as decluttering your home to moving some items around in your home to make it look more spacious and inviting to potential homebuyers. We suggest you use the staging process as an opportunity to start packing things and preparing for your move.

The National Association of Realtors® 2015 Profile of Home Staging offers the following statistics:

Did you know?

  • 8 seconds is all it takes for buyers to decide if they like your home or not
  • 98% of buyers cannot visualize how an empty room can be used
  • 84% of buyers value online listing photos
  • The COST of staging is always less than your first price reduction.

Potential homebuyers say it is easier to visualize a staged home as a future home


Perceive staging to positively impact home value


Overlook other property faults