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It’s an American ritual. As the days begin to get shorter, the air becomes a little crisper and the school year begins, it is time for football. And all around the US, fans will be ready.
Kickoffs in our area start:

  • NFL Season begins with the Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots on September 10th
  • Atlanta Falcons begin their season against the Philadelpia Eagles at the Georgia Dome on September 14th
  • Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs Alcorn State on September 3rd
  • Georgia State kicks off their season against Charlotte at Georgia Dome on September

And then there is Friday Night Football. So much of an American tradition, that they have made movies about it and television shows. High school is a time to come of age, and the personal transformations of players on the field are reminiscent of the struggles we have as adults. The glory, excitement, defeat, disappointment and challenges of personal relationships. And as we moved on with excitement from that era, we looked to what was next. Yet as a new generation enters the field, we fill the stadiums and cheer them on. We sit with excitement as the field lights go on and the teams flip a coin to start the game. Many even enjoy the marching band that plays now, having forgotten a time when the athletes and the band were so far apart. Today we all tap our feet together as the drums lead the band down the field with their cadence. Are you a football fan?

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