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30 Days To Organizing Your West Cobb Home – Day 13

Choosing A Closet Organizer System

When it comes to closets, the truth is that they could all use some sort of organization. An ordinary closet is just not designed to accommodate to each individual’s belongings, which is why a closet organizer system is the best solution, and why they can be helpful in organizing your West Cobb home.

Choosing a closet organizer system is as simple as making a list of what you would like to change about your storage space and then picking out a design that fits your needs.

If you shoes are all over the place and strewn randomly around your closet, you should look for a closet organizer system that has a space specifically for you accessories. Instead of just throwing all of your shoes and other items on the bottom of the closet, have some stackable closet floor shelves put in. They require no assembly and you can easily add other shelves if all of your shoes do not fit on one. This makes them easy to organize and find as you need them.

Depending on the closet organizer system that you choose, you have the option of adding exactly what you need. For those who have lots of hanging clothes, perhaps something with an extra hanging bar would be appropriate. You may find that you would get more use out of extra shelving to store the clothing items that you don’t want to throw out, but are not currently suitable for the season.

You could find everything that you need to improve the performance of your space with a closet organizer system. You may only need to add shelves or another bar to hang your clothes from, but you could also put in an entire one piece organizer to give your closet an entire space saving make over. It’s all up to you as these organizers are completely customizable and easy to install into any size space.

    ClosetMaid offers closet organizing systems at Home Depot. You can use the DIY designer to design your closet before you start.
    Just like ClosetMaid, Martha Stewart closet organizing systems are available at Home Depot, and you can the DIY designer on your computer to design your closet before you shop.
    After you create your closet with their online DIY system, you can purchase items at Walmart and Sams Club, including their closet kits.

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