Should You Buy a New or Existing Home?

Maybe your dream home has the intricate details that you usually find only in older construction – wainscoting and crown molding in the interior, the front porch with a swing, an older tree shading the backyard, and the white picket fence or do you prefer new home construction?

Or maybe your dream home has all the conveniences of modern living – open floor plan in the living and dining spaces, large windows, connected, “smart” appliances and security systems, and minimalist design elements.

Whether you go for a brand new construction or an existing home, both types of properties have their pros and cons when it comes to purchasing. What type of home is right for you will depend on which factors are most important for your lifestyle.


Build your dream home with new construction

If you’re making a home purchase that’s still in the pre-construction phase, you may be able to customize many of the details. Many home builders will give you the option to add design elements that will give you the exact dream home you desire. If it’s a new subdivision, you may even be able to pick which lot you like best.

Very early in the building process, you may have more room to customize. For example, if the walls aren’t complete, you may be able to add extra outlets in each of the rooms or custom wiring for surround sound in the media room. Perhaps you could move the laundry room to the top floor instead of the basement. You might be able to get a separate mudroom entrance.

Later in the building process, you may be able to add marble countertops, an island, and custom cabinets in the kitchen. Your master bathroom could be upgraded with a steam shower, spa tub, and European fixtures. You will want to check with the builder to understand which features are included, and which ones are extra.

New homes save money with fewer repairs and more efficiency

Once your home is complete, all you’ll need to do is move in. New appliances will be under warranty for a few years if they need repairs, and will likely work well for several years without needing fixes. Often, new construction is under a builder’s warranty, so any repairs needed in the first year should be covered.

New homes often contain energy efficient and green appliances, like high-efficiency stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, heaters, or air conditioning units. These energy-saving appliances, along with good insulation and energy-efficient windows, will help you save money on monthly utility bills.

New homes also often use new building materials that require less maintenance — for example, using composite siding instead of wood, which doesn’t need annual repainting. You won’t need to spend as much to maintain your new home.

If you customized it during pre-construction, you won’t need to spend any money on renovations or upgrades for several more years. You can just enjoy it and not worry about saving for major home repairs.

What you need to do to make a good new home purchase

Before you put in your offer, do some research on the builder. Do they have a good reputation? What else have they built? Did their other new properties have issues such as poor construction or unfinished details?

You like the model home, but will you like where it’s situated? After you look at the home itself, come back to the neighborhood to see what it’s like at different times of the day. Walk around during the day and in the evening, and see how you like the area.

Brand new communities usually attract similar types of buyers—urban professionals, couples, or young families, for example. These will be your neighbors, so you’ll want to make sure that you want to be part of this new, homogeneous community.

You may also need to be flexible with your move-in date. Builders will only be able to let you move in if they can meet their construction schedule. If the wiring is delayed, the walls can’t be finished. And because there are so many construction tasks that are dependent on the completion of prior tasks, schedules tend to slip.

Some new homes in our area –


Get more variety and established neighborhoods with an existing home

Existing homes are those that have generally been built and lived in between the 1920’s and 1970’s. With existing homes, you will get more variety in home styles, as different types of construction have gone in and out of style throughout the decades. Within one neighborhood, you may be able to find a mix of different styles like Victorian, modern Tudor cottages, tract style, ranch or split-ranch, or contemporary homes.

Existing homes are situated in established neighborhoods, which may have more amenities nearby that a new home in a brand new subdivision may not have. Your new neighborhood may have restaurants, cafes, and boutiques within walking distance.

You might also have access to more supermarkets, dry cleaners, discount stores, and gas stations nearby. An established neighborhood might have a nice park, running path, or playground for the kids to enjoy. You might also be closer to a library or the post office.

Resale homes can be a less expensive purchase

If you’re considering a resale home, you may be able to get into a beautiful, unique property at a lower purchase price than a new home.

There are many more resale homes available than there are new homes — according to the National Association of Homebuilders, about 10 times as many. With such a large pool to buy from, the market for resales can be more competitive. You may have more room to negotiate the  selling price of the home. With a brand-new construction, you won’t likely be able to have the same kind of negotiating power.

Before putting a home on the market, sellers often make home renovations or remodel parts of their homes to make them more attractive to buyers and to be able to potentially increase the list price. If the resale home has a brand new, modern kitchen, an updated bathroom, or even a new roof or upgraded windows, you could end up getting a home that’s comparable to new construction without having to pay the potential more expensive new-home list price.

Existing homes have already been inspected at least once on the last sale, so you will know about any potential structural problems or repairs that have been made on the home. Knowing the track record on your potential home will help you avoid purchase mistakes—you’re much less likely to end up with a property that has a rotting roof, dangerous electrical wiring, or a crumbling foundation. With a new home, you could end up with incomplete construction or major issues that you didn’t know about because they weren’t yet documented.

What you need to do to make a good resale purchase

Before you go too far down the road to a purchase, you can protect your purchase by first having the home inspected. A good home inspector will document all flaws, no matter how small they appear. If the inspector finds any major problems, like foundation cracks or leaky roofs, you may be able to counter offer and get the seller to either fix it or reduce the selling price.

Even if the inspection doesn’t uncover any major issues, you will need to expect the unexpected. Older homes will eventually need replacement appliances, a new air conditioning unit, or a plumbing repair. As long as you know that before you buy a resale home, you can plan for surprise repairs.

With an older home, you may want to eventually remodel parts of it. Will you be happy living in your house while you’re doing major work on the living room or the kitchen? If you know that it would disrupt your lifestyle too much, you may want to consider whether you really want to buy an older property.

Whether you choose to buy a new home or an existing home, the best way to get started is to speak with your trusted real estate professional. We will have access to both new properties and resale homes that may fit your goals, and will know which neighborhoods will serve your needs.


Top 10 Reasons To Use A Buyers Agent in West Cobb

A Buyer’s Agent also called “Selling Agent” is a Real Estate Agent that shows homes and matches Buyers to homes. They do all of this at NO cost to you.

  1.  It’s FREE! The Buyer’s Agent is paid by the Seller. We do not charge you (the Buyer) a fee for using our services. Need more reasons?
  2. The Seller’s Agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the Seller. They are looking out for THEIR (Seller) best interests. A Buyer’s Agent looks our for your best interests.
  3. They find homes that meet your criteria. A Buyer’s Agent knows the area and can help you find a home.
  4. A Buyer’s Agent can provide market information including average per square foot cost of similar homes, median and average sales prices, average days on market and ratios of list-to-sold prices, among other criteria.
  5. They schedule appointments for you to see homes.
  6. If an Agent does not specifically represent you, they represent the seller.
  7. New Construction salespeople work for the builder, either as an independent Seller’s Agent or an employee of the builder. Either way, they represent the builder. A Buyer’s Agent will protect your interests and negotiate the builder’s contract with you.
  8. A Buyer’s Agent will have knowledge or know where to find information about your neighborhood. They can identify comparable sales and hand these facts to you, in addition to pointing you in the direction where you can find more data on schools, crime or demographics. For example, while you may know that a home down the street was on the market for $350,000, but a Realtor® will know several of the details such as how long it was on the market, if it had any pending contracts that didn’t pan out, price changes, and more.
  9. A Buyer’s Agent will help you negotiate the purchase of your new home from price, financing, date of possession, terms, and more.
  10. A Buyer’s Agent works with you throughout the home buying process.

home buyer - buyer's agent

Did I mention that all of this is FREE? As your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent we will offer all of these services from the time you begin your home search through closing – all for FREE*!

*Our services are free to buyers, we are paid by the seller.

Organize Your Life | 7 Step Formula

Welcome to 2016 … and National Get Organized Month. Like last year, we will kick the year off with 30 days of organizing ideas, helpful information and more. Today’s topic is reflective to help get you started.

How important is it to organize your life?

Everything in our life comes from how we organize it, right?

When everything is organized we can do more, achieve more, become more, and enjoy everything more too, can’t we? Can’t you?

Are you Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Dissatisfied? Life throws a lot at you. How are you managing it all until now?

Those who organize life will excel far beyond those that don’t because Life Organization is the biggest frontier of development opening up this decade.

Are you ready for that?! But what is it exactly that you are searching the net for regarding how to organize your life? What does it really mean to organize your life?

Do you want a solid grand system to totally organize your life? Do you want some temporary techniques to apply now? Would you like permanent principles for how to organize your entire life?

To organize life you will capture every worth while thought to efficiently choose your actions for all that is important to you, without wasting time or losing time, and allowing you to succeed at whatever you desire.

At times we get off track, whether practically, or with our efficiency, or emotionally.

Thinking About Selling Your Home?

Are you in the process of decluttering and organizing your home in preparation for selling it? Curious what is worth? We can help with a FREE home valuation.

At those times, I do a 10 Minute get-on-track check. Essentially it is about writing down things weighing on my mind. I know paper can be messy, but I find I remember and act on things better if I write them down. But not to worry – I use “sticky notes” on my laptop ALL the time. It’s a little overwhelming, but it works for me!

I use the following categories of self-questions to help me do my organize life 10 minute focus sessions.

  1. Organize Your Life for Self – Touching on my emotions and physical experience. Accept and appreciate how I feel right now. This is the core of how to organize life. It starts from within. Show yourself gratitude first.
  2. Organize Your Life for Yesterday – I then take a moment to reflect on yesterday, as that is where I have come from. Again, focus on the positive – it’s much more productive and helps to move you forward.
  3. Organize Your Life for Today – Think of the fixed appointments, the general layout of your day to come, and where the areas of your day are where you get to decide exactly what you do with the time.
  4. Organize Your Life for Civilization – What do you want to do in society? What is your place and purpose in terms of contribution and business? Paying it forward pays it back big time!
  5. Organize Your Life for Ideally Organized Living – Picture the biggest possible ideally organized living circumstances that fill your fantasy. This connects you with the spark of life.
  6. Organize Your Life for Projects – Now you are ready to consider the actual projects and responsibilities that you have in your life. Tasks, hobbies, interests, pursuits, business ideas, etc.
  7. Organize Your Life for Right Now – Through the above self-question process you are probably now ready to decide on the next step activities to organize your life even more.

This 10 minute review might take longer when you first do it. Take your time with it, and remember this article. I can tell you from experience that by doing this simple 10 minute process regularly your life will become more and more organized. And that’s only because when I stray from this system, things get crazy!

Looking To Buy A Home?

Are you in the process of organizing your paperwork in preparation for buying a home? Curious about the process?

Thanksgiving – Holiday Festivities Part I

Two weeks until Thanksgiving, can you believe that it’s here
The holidays seem to come sooner each year!
Just look at the stores with their holiday displays…
Time passes so fast, especially these days.
But there’s no time to panic, much less to worry
We’ve got checklists and tips to help you prepare in a hurry!

Here are some checklists I have used that you may find helpful:

If you recently moved into your home, you might be hosting your first family Thanksgiving. And while you focus on making sure the house is ready for the guests, you might want some help. Here are some hotlines that can help you with menu planning, portion calculations, food safety and more.

  • Butterball Turkey Talk-Line

    Butterball Turkey Talk-Line: 1-800-BUTTERBALL
    The Turkey Talk-Line is open Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM CST from now until December 21. And the best part of all: it’s open Thanksgiving day, starting at 6 AM CST!! TDD line: 1-800-TDD-3848. Bilingual help is available. Online help in Spanish and English. They also offer a FAQ list to quickly answer many popular questions.

    Fleischmann’s Yeast Baker’s Help Line

    Fleischmann’s Yeast Baker’s Help Line:1-800-777-4959
    This helpline, for all your questions about breads and rolls, is open Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 7 PM, all year long. Online help. Check out their website for recipes and tips.

    Hershey’s Consumer Hot Line

    Hershey’s Consumer Hot Line: 1-800-468-1714 Let the folks at Hersheys walk you through every chocolate question you’ve ever had. Ask for recipes too! This line is open Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM EST, all year round.

    King Arthur Flour Bakers Hotline

    King Arthur Baker’s Hotline: 855-371-2253
    Whether your bread didn’t rise, your crust crumbles, or your holiday baking is challenging you, the Baker’s Hotline will assist you with your baking questions.

    Land O’Lakes Holiday Bake Line

    Land O’Lakes Holiday Bake Line: 1-800-782-9606 Any and all baking questions are answered from 8 AM to 7 PM CST at Land O’Lakes from now until Christmas Eve. Online help. You can also check out their website for recipes, tips and coupons.

    Libby Consumer Hot Line

    Libby Consumer Hot Line: 1-800-854-0374 Stressed about your pumpkin pie? Get tips and advice, plus recipes using canned pumpkin. The line is open Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 8 PM EST, all year round.

    Ocean Spray Consumer Helpline

    Ocean Spray Consumer Helpline:1-800-662-3263 Learn everything you ever wanted to know about cranberries, including ideas for using leftover canned cranberry sauce. The hotline is open Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 4 PM EST, all year round. And it’s open on Thanksgiving! Online help

    USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline

    USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline: 1-888-674-6854
    If you have questions about food safety, including storage, handling and preparation of the Thanksgiving turkey, call the USDA hotline weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM CST. TDD line: 1-800-256-7072. The Hotline is open on Thanksgiving Day from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p. m., Eastern Time, but closed on other Federal government holidays.

And if cooking Thanksgiving Dinner is overwhelming you, and you decide to let someone else do the cooking & cleanup this year, here are some of the restaurants in our area open (call to make reservations and confirm that they are open) on Thanksgiving Day and offering a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner:

•  Old Vinings Inn
Ray’s on the River
Ruth’s Chris
Ted’s Montana Grill

Or check Open Table for restaurants around metro Atlanta offering Thanksgiving reservations. Whether you dine in or out, enjoy your holiday and be safe.

Stay tuned for our article later this week about Thanksgiving in the Mountains.

Veterans Day Around West Cobb

It’s easy to buy a card to celebrate holidays, but sometimes it takes a little more, especially when it comes to our Veterans. They sacrifice their lives, time with their families and friends, and so much more. One day to honor them seems like so little. Here is just a sampling of activities and more to salute them tomorrow.

And … have you purchased a green light? Find out about it here.


At 11am, you can pay tribute to local Veterans at the Marietta Veterans Day Parade, which will include marching bands, drill teams, floats, military vehicles and veterans’ organizations, including representation from Marietta and Cobb County schools of their bands and their JROTC units.

Acworth will honor our Veterans at 2 pm at Patriots Point at Cauble Park, home of the Veterans Memorial.

North Cobb American Legion Post 304 and the City of Kennesaw will show their support of our Veterans with a free lunch for Veterans and active duty personnel in the Kennesaw area at the Ben Robertson Community Center.

But lots of businesses in our neighborhood have taken the time to do just that. Here is a list of some of the businesses in our neighborhood that are offering specials to Veterans, please check with location for specific details and what type of identification/proof service may be required:


Offering a free meal to Veterans and Active Duty Military. See the specific details here.

Marietta – West Cobb
2404 Dallas Highway
Marietta, GA 30064

5149 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway
Hiram, GA 30141

2445 Mall Boulevard
Kennesaw, GA 30144

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is offering a free entree from a special menu for Veterans & Active Duty Military on Veterans Day. You can view the menu here.

While there isn’t a CPK in our neighborhood, you can visit the location in East Cobb at:
4250 Roswell Rd #620
Marietta, GA 30062

Olive Garden

On Veterans Day, November 11th, Olive Garden is inviting veterans and active duty military to enjoy a free entrée* from a special menu, and their family members dining with them enjoy 10% off of their meals.

429 Barrett Pkwy
Kennesaw, GA, 30144


Chili’s is offering a free entree to Veterans and Active Duty Military from their special menu found here. Please note that the menu may vary by location.

Avenue West Cobb
3625 Dallas Hwy #100
Marietta, GA 30064

Acworth Crossing
3339 Cobb Pkwy N
Acworth, GA 30101-3940

851 Cobb Pl Blvd NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse will be offering free lunches to veterans and active members on Veterans Day from a special menu.

140 Depot Drive
Hiram, GA 30141

2475 Barrett Creek Parkway
Marietta, GA 30066


Stock up on groceries with 10% off at Publix for active and retired military on Veterans Day.


Several other restaurants are offering free items and specials to Veterans, like appetizers, desserts, etc.

If you are considering purchasing a home, while most banks may be closed, mortgage companies are typically open and may be able to help you with a VA mortgage loan. Let us know how we can help you with buying or selling a home in West Cobb.

Are You Looking For A Lake Home?

More and more people are looking for lake homes and waterfront property. Individuals recognize there are many benefits of living near a lake. Not only do lake homes provide privacy but they also provide access to the many conveniences a lake offers. A lake is the perfect location for those who enjoy outdoor activities and the beauty of nature.

Are you looking for lake homes? There are lake homes available all over North America. When looking for waterfront property around our metro Atlanta, you have several options including Lake Allatoona, Lake Acworth, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Lanier and more. Many people have lake homes in this area, whether they are vacation homes or permanent residences. This area has plenty to offer people since it includes the mountain neighborhoods, as well as easy access to downtown. For people who enjoy hiking and boating, buying a lake home is any of these areas would be ideal.

Lake homes can be quite expensive depending on where they are located. However if you are interested in buying a lake home, there are many routes you can take to find the perfect one for you.  We can create a customized search for you to help you find a lake home.

Search lake homes here.


All About Lakefront Homes

Ah, lakefront homes (you know, Lake Allatoona, Lake Lanier and other lake areas around metro Atlanta). The mere phrase draws up images of delightful vacations:

  • long summer days spent lazing by the lakefront
  • swimming in the lake, the smell of trees and wood smoke
  • a relaxing, idyllic time.

And perhaps this image continues in your mind to encompass the lakefront home itself. Imagine a charming, rustic cottage, with simple furnishings and an unassuming appearance on the outside. Or consider lakefront mansions that were built around the turn of the previous century in many parts of the country. These were lakefront homes built as summer houses for wealthy city dwellers. They were majestic and expensively outfitted, not unlike the waterfront homes along the beaches of Florida and California.

Lifestyle Choice

Waterfront homes, whether oceanfront or lakefront, are a lifestyle choice for many, and can even be found in landlocked metro Atlanta.

Those images of waterfront property may well represent many people’s ideas of contemporary lakefront homes, but the current reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. While today’s lakefront homes include large mansions to small waterfront cottages, lakefront homes today still include second homes, but several are primary residences and can include renovated and newer homes; but also waterfront lots waiting for you to build your dream home.

Weekend/Vacation Homes

As second homes, lakefront homes nowadays are being designed with the ability to house family and friends. A home where you are able to host multiple family members and friends at the same time. And don’t forget holidays, when you can host as many as possible in the same place. A lakefront home is a perfect place to create memories and celebrate these traditions.

These kinds of needs mean that lakefront homeowners require space – sometimes more space than those old waterfront cottages could offer. Also, lakefront property has a high value, and people are building upscale homes to match those higher values. Homeowners ask, why erect a tiny cottage on an expensive piece of waterfront property? Some homeowners may just want a weekend cottage where they can escape without the upkeep of a larger home.

Home Styles

The lakefront cottage of today is a far cry from the lakefront cabin of yesterday. In the old days, cottages were apt to be dark and cramped, with few modern appliances and amenities, and unfinished attics. Nowadays, waterfront properties are being built with all the conveniences of a primary residence and then some. Every room is finished and many are outfitted with bunk beds in order to accommodate visitors.

One thing, though, that the larger lakefront homes have in common with their cottage-type predecessors is a less formal interior. All the modern amenities and conveniences are present, but they are presented in a casual, artful way befitting the lakefront lifestyle. Today’s lakefront homeowners want upscale style and elegance, but they want it in a casual way, with easy upkeep. After all, the goal of owning waterfront property is to be able to enjoy the benefits of living on a lake, not to have to spend all your time cleaning and fixing up the house.

Lakefront Homes in Metro Atlanta

Lakefront homes on Lake Allatoona, Lake Lanier and other lakes around metro Atlanta that offer boating and other recreational activities are in high demand with limited inventory. Some are older and may require updating, while others are move-in ready, and in some areas waterfront lots offer a blank slate for you to create the home of your dreams, whether it is your primary residence or second/weekend/vacation home.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a lakefront home, now is an excellent time to start looking. You’ll be thrilled with all of the options you’ll find in the market for waterfront property.

Lake Allatoona Homes for Sale

Lake Arrowhead

Lake Lanier Homes for Sale

Fourth of July Celebrations Around West Cobb

You can choose from several different Fourth of July Celebrations around West Cobb, and even attend more than one since some are on different days. Growing up in small towns in northern New Jersey, I remember standing on the sidewalk watching the parade. In high school we lived across the street from where the holiday festivities were held and sat on blankets in our front yard to watch the evening fireworks display. The holiday is steeped in history, but also in so many childhood memories. Living in West Cobb often reminds me of those days as I attend neighborhood festivals and celebrations. And while I love the proximity of a “big city”, I cannot imagine living anywhere else! My only dilemma now is which celebration to attend.

In addition to the community events below, several neighborhoods will host their own celebrations for residents, like Governors Towne Club which will have fireworks at sundown on Friday, July 3rd. While this is a gated community, these may be able to be seen from nearby Mellow Mushroom and the shopping center, so dinner and a show? Brookstone Golf & Country Club is hosting a Fourth of July Pool Party for members, Check with your HOA to see what’s going in your neighborhood.

If you want to venture around metro Atlanta , here are some festivities you might want to look into. Some of these require advance registration and/or admission fees, please click the links to learn more.

Fourth of July Celebrations Around West Cobb


Celebrate at the beach! The City of Acworth and the Acworth Business Association will host this year’s Independence Day celebration featuring live music by The Paul Hand Band and FLASHBACK. The live entertainment begins at 5:30pm.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 Schedule:
Live music starts at 4pm
5:30 pm – Concert with The Paul Hand Band
7:00 pm – Headline concert with Flashback
Dark – Fireworks (around 9:30pm)

The concert is free to the public, and tables for 6 are available at $50 for City of Acworth residents and $70 for non-residents. The table reservation includes 6 chairs and one parking pass which will allow you to park at Cauble Park – as long as spots remain available.

To purchase a table visit

As per the City of Acworth, you will need a pass for parking at Cauble Park on July 4 but you are not guaranteed a parking spot at Cauble Park with this pass so please plan on arriving early. If you do not have a parking pass or if the parking if full, you will need to park downtown and walk or take a free shuttle down to the park. If you choose to park downtown, shuttles will pick you up at the city hall parking lot and the post office parking lot.

Cauble Park
2293 Beach St.
Acworth, GA 30101

For more information, please call (770) 917–1234 or visit


35th Annual Stars & Stripes Cartersville Fourth of July Celebration will be held at Dellinger Park in Cartersville with a day beginning with the downtown parade starting at Church Street to Bartow Street to Main Street and Stonewall Street. Festivities will continue with a day filled with activities including Arts & Crafts show, children’s activities, entertainment and fireworks show at Dellinger Park.


Saturday, July 4, 2015


$5.00 per vehicle

Dellinger Park

For more information or to apply to be a vendor, visit Booth Space for a 12’x12′ booth is $75.00.


Kennesaw will celebrate on July 3rd with live music from the US Air Force Band, Last Five Standing and DEPARTURE beginning at 6pm, and fireworks at 9:30pm. There will be two stages of live music, festive street entertainment, food vendors, and kid’s activities.

6 pm – United States Air Force Band of the West (Concert Band) – Depot stage
7pm – Last Five Standing – Main Street stage
8 pm – DEPARTURE (Journey tribute band) – Main Stage
Dark (approx. 9:30 pm) – Fireworks

Friday, July 3, 2015


Parking will be available along Main Street, at the intersection of Main Street and Moon Station Road, behind the Southern Museum (off Shirley drive), and off Sardis Street (near the intersection of Big Shanty Drive). Main Street from Watts Drive to Summer Street and Watts Drive from Little General Clogger Ave to Main Street.

Historic Train Depot
2828 Cherokee Street
Kennesaw GA 30144

(770) 422-9714 


Marietta’s Fourth in the Park celebration begins at 10am with a parade, including a variety of 110 floats, performers and more, that starts at Roswell Baptist Church and travels west on Roswell Street, north on East Park Square past Glover Park and the Square, down Cherokee Street and ends at North Marietta Parkway. (Parade float content awards will be presented at 2:15pm). Immediately following the parade, the city’s Festival begins with a day filled with food concessions, arts & crafts, carnival and live entertainment.

The Fourth in the Park celebration is coupled with a large arts and crafts show of more than 80 booths that continues throughout the day. For more information or to apply to be a vendor, visit

10:00am Marietta Freedom Parade
10:00am Festival
12:00pm Concert – Scott Thompson
2:00pm Bell Ringing Ceremony
2:15pm Float Contest Awards
2:30pm Concert – Atlanta Concert Band
7:00pm Concert – Twisted Whiskey
8:00pm Concert – Danny Fanning
9:00pm Fireworks

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Historic Marietta Square
Marietta, GA

For more information, call Marietta Parks and Recreation at 770-794-5601.

Powder Springs

In its 20th year, Powder Springs will present it’s Downtown Powder Springs celebration beginning at 6pm with live entertainment including the gospel quartet Zion and a local favorite, The Men in Blues. Noelle Miller will sing The National Anthem just before the festivities end with a spectacular fireworks show. Games, inflatables, vendors, and food will also be available throughout the celebration.

5:00pm Festivities begin
7:00pm Concert performances begin
9:15pm Noelle Miller signs The National Anthem
9:20pm Fireworks Show

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Taylor Farm Park
Powder Springs

For More Information, Contact Paulding County Parks & Recreation at 770-445-8065.


The Woodstock Stars & Strikes July 4th FreedomFest will begin at 10am this year with a new parade route starting at Woodstock Elementary School on Rope Mill Road and traveling through downtown Woodstock and back to the school. The Parade will offer trophies for Parade Float Competition including Best Holiday, Most Original and People’s Choice Floats, which will be presented at a City Council Meeting. Applications are still available until the deadline of June 22 at Immediately following the parade will be a festival from 11am – 3pm to include food, arts & crafts, kids activities, live music and more. The day will end with fireworks at dusk to be held at the Target Shopping Center at Highway 92 near 575.

10:00am Parade
11:00am – 3:00pm Festival at The Park at City Center
9:00pm Fireworks at Target Shopping Center

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Handicapped parking available in front of the Ledger-News Building on East Main Street for the festival. For additional parking information, please contact Woodstock Parks & Rec at the information links below.

The Park at City Center
Downtown Woodstock

Target Shopping Center
Highway 92
City of Woodstock Parks & Recreation Department

All events are subject to change. Please check with each community to confirm information.

Things To Do Around West Cobb This Summer

Looking for things to do around West Cobb this summer with kids? West Cobb is a great place to live with communities that offer so many options from parks to museums and more. Close enough to midtown Atlanta to enjoy several of the cultural and metropolitan venues like the Aquarium, Atlanta Zoo as well as nearby Six Flags and Whitewater Park, residents have plenty of options for summer activities. Check online at sites like Groupon and Living Social for possible discounts at local attractions. And check some of the low cost and FREE options we have shared below.

It’s also a great time to find a home in West Cobb, but do it soon, lots of homes are selling quickly. Contact us if you are looking to buy or sell your home in West Cobb or North Paulding.

let us help you find the neighborhood that makes you feel at home


And … find some things to do around West Cobb this summer …

The following list provides some FREE and inexpensive activities that you can enjoy around our area:

GA Park Pass

GA State Park Pass
You can use your GA Public Library card to check out a ParkPass and Historic Site Pass for one week, just like you would check out a book. You’ll enjoy free parking at Georgia’s State Parks and free admission to State Historic Sites.

Moovies at the Mable


Location: Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre
Address: 5239 Floyd Rd., Mableton, GA 30126
Admission: FREE
Time: Gates open at 7:30pm. Movie starts at dusk. RAIN or SHINE.

Bring your own food or purchase from concessions.

June 12 – EPIC
June 26 – Penguins of Madagascar
July 10 – RIO 1
July 24 – How To Train Your Dragon 2
Aug 7 – Cinderella

Powder Springs Live on the Lawn Concert Series

Live on the Lawn


Location: Town Square in downtown Powder Springs
Contact Powder Springs for information on exact location
Admission: FREE
Time: 6pm

June 18:      Milkshake Mayfield
July 16:        DJ Samuel
August 20: DJ Samuel

Tot Spot at Atlanta Station

Tot Spot at Atlantic Station


Location: Central Park at Atlantic Station
Contact Atlantic Station (404-410-4010) to confirm event will take place.
Admission: FREE
Date: Tuesdays through June 30
Time: 10am – noon

Free entertainment, games, storytelling and other educational activities for little ones at this weekly outdoor event!

Acworth Market Trends Jan 2015

Just look around Acworth, and you can quickly see the real estate market is improving. Home values in Acworth have increased and new construction is back. Here’s a glimpse at January’s real estate market trends.

Acworth Market Trends

  •  Average sale price in Jan 2015 was $215,454 which was a 29.28% over the Jan 2014 average sale price of
  • The number of homes sold in January 2015 which was a 35.38% increase over last year, when there were 65 homes sold.
  • Total sold volume in Acworth was up 75.03% from $10,832,487 in Jan 2014 to $18,959,944 in Jan 2015.
  • The amount of time it took to sell a home decreased with average days on market at 110 days in Jan 2015 vs. 119 in Jan 2014, a decrease of 7.56%.

Detailed analysis of Acworth Market Trends for January 2015

Acworth Market Trends

Want to learn what your home is worth?


New Construction in Acworth

Want to learn what your home is worth?