The Right Christmas Wreath For Your West Cobb Front Door

Christmas Wreath For Your West Cobb Home

Choosing the perfect tree is part of any holiday decorating tradition, but finding the right wreath for your West Cobb home’s front door can really finish off your holiday look and can be a beautiful and elegant addition to your exterior décor. Choosing the right wreath, however, can be complicated, so here are a few tips to consider for finding a holiday wreath that not only works for your door, but also coordinates with your other holiday decorations and the exterior of your West Cobb home.


The size of your wreath is an important consideration in making it look its best on your front door. If you have a large, prominent front door then you’ll want to choose a wreath that matches it well. A small wreath will get lost on the door and won’t look proportional.


While you may select a wreath based on its appearance and whether it matches your other holiday décor, you will also want to choose a wreath that has colors that complement the color of your door. If you have mostly red and green holiday decorations, but have a blue door, you may want to consider a blue and silver themed wreath, perhaps hung with white lights, to better complement your front door.


This is the area where you can really get creative. From natural to synthetic, from pine to grapevine, there are a number of options from which you can choose. Again, when selecting a wreath for your front door you’ll want to consider whether it matches not only the other decorations, but the door itself and the style of your home. For example, if you live in a traditional or historic style home, using natural materials such as greenery and berries may look better than a more modern arrangement.

Decorating for the holidays should always be fun and reflect your personal style. But when selecting particular items for the exterior of your home, it is always a good idea to be sure they accent rather than detract.

As you drive through some of the West Cobb subdivisions like Seven Hills, Brookstone Golf & Country Club, Bentwater, Burnt Hickory Lakes and others, you will several homes with wreaths on their front doors, as well as on the windows of their home. When you visit the holiday light displays, leave a little earlier and see how many homes are decorated with wreaths.

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