dinner and a movie

Dinner and a Movie

Not far from us, you can now enjoy dinner and a movie at the same time! A short ride up 92 to Woodstock Road in Roswell will take you to The Movie Tavern in the recently renovated Sandy Plains Village. The Movie Tavern offers first run movies along with an eclectic menu offering plenty of items to satisfy your appetite.

You no longer have to select a restaurant for before or after the movie, you can enjoy both at the same time. The theater offers stadium seating along with a dining table for you to comfortably enjoy both your meal and the movie. I was also intrigued by their Breakfast and a Flick offering for weekend mornings, seems like a great way to enjoy a weekend morning, especially with family and friends.

Questions? Here are some of the questions I had and the answers I found on their website:

Is the meal before, during or after the movie?

How expensive is this?

Can I make reservations?

Can I host a party there?

Ready to go? Here’s the address info:

Roswell, GA – Movie Tavern at Sandy Plains Village
4651 Woodstock Rd.
Roswell, GA 30075
Box Office: (770) 407-6653
Directions | Contact Us


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