12 Ways To Turn Your Outdoor Kitchen Into A Masterpiece

The summer may be half over, but outdoor kitchens in Acworth can be used year-round. Neighborhoods like Bentwater and Seven Hills offer spacious yards along with the mild temperatures providing a great opportunity to extend your living space outdoors. Outdoor kitchens are the new must-have in outdoor decor but what makes it go right up and over-the-top? A little charcoal grill sitting on a slab of cement just doesn’t do it anymore. Picture your dream kitchen in your house and use your imagination to figuratively tear down the walls. Let’s take a look at what you might create:

  1. Man-Size Grill. Show a man a barbecue grill catalog and you might as well quit talking because he probably won’t hear much else that you have to say. There is something ingrained in a man who grills that makes them want the biggest, most fantastic “make-your-neighbor-jealous” grill known to man. Shop around for the best features and match them to the best price. There are a wide range of options, so keep shopping until you find the one that’s right for you.
  2. Pizza Oven. Custom built pizza ovens are becoming more and more available to the cook-out aficionados. Many of these are gorgeous, some coming direct from Italy. They make such amazing creations that you can expect all your neighbors will be hanging over the backyard fence, begging for an invitation. Throw away that pizza delivery number, or at least file it in a drawer.
  3. Refrigerator Pub.  A fridge is an essential component to an outdoor kitchen. So how do you make this an over-the-top item in an outdoor kitchen? By adding a beer tap and turning a simple refrigerator into a pub. Also, outfit the entire refrigerator with dispensers for a variety of beverages and snacks.
  4. Fireplace. Nothing adds ambiance to an evening in your backyard like an outdoor fireplace. You, your family, and your guests are bound to enjoy time spent in a comfortable chair by the fire staying cozy and warm. Specially designed gas fireplaces make enjoying the flames safe and efficient, too.
  5. Dining Space. What is an outdoor kitchen without an outdoor dining room? Hang a chandelier that is filled with real candles and some comfortable dining chairs that encourage people to linger. Enjoy everything that a summer evening has to offer in the comfort of a specially designed outdoor dining area.
  6. Sink. If you are going to the trouble of designing an outdoor kitchen, make sure you incorporate an outdoor sink. Just about any sturdy sink will do, just make sure it’s a big sink. Most people who grill know the value of a large deep sink to soak grilling equipment, racks, and all the works.
  7. Roasting Spit. This cooking set up is a favorite for many families who love to entertain in a big way. Think Hawaiian luau with a pig roasting slowly over a fire. Many festivals feature roasting spits, so why not treat your own backyard like a festival? But remember; when the aromas waft through the neighborhood, you’ll have perhaps more guests than you intended.
  8. Premium Finishes. A plain slab of cement under your feet does not make an oasis. Now with gorgeous stone and granite so readily available, you can lavishly finish all your backyard surfaces. And don’t just limit these finishes to the floor. Counters, fireplace hearths, and even tables and benches are the perfect places to make a statement with fancy finishes.
  9. Wine Bar. When you see modern kitchen designs today in glossy magazines, you most likely see a wine bar included. You can do the very same thing in an outdoor kitchen, with a few adjustments for the weather, of course. When the conversation is flowing, you don’t want to stop it with a trip inside for another bottle of wine. Keep it handy right there in your backyard kitchen.
  10. Built-in Wok. If you like to stir-fry in a wok, you know how much heat and steam, and sometimes smoke, they can cause. Moving this method of cooking outside is a great way to really enjoy your wok cooked meals without steaming up the indoors. And there’s nothing like serving up perfectly seasoned veggies and seafood under the stars.
  11. Herb Garden. Every gourmet cook knows an herb garden in close proximity to their outdoor kitchen is a must. Being able to wash and chop fresh herbs within seconds of picking would be a dream come true. Pick a good spot according to the herb’s growing needs. If you don’t have a garden spot in the ground, plant interesting containers. This is a good food item as well as a beautiful decoration.
  12. Smoker. Not just for southern barbecues anymore, a smoker, either built-in or portable, is another fabulous over-the-top feature in an outdoor kitchen. You’ll find plenty of recipes to smoke your own foods in the comfort of your own backyard.

If cooking in the great outdoors is something you really enjoy, why not give your backyard a fancy facelift. With even one of these additions, you can be the gourmet chef that you’ve always wanted, right in your own backyard.

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