30 Days To Organizing Your West Cobb Home – Day 11

Organizing Your West Cobb Home: Hire A Professional

If your household has gone relay out of your hand to manage all by yourself, it is time to call on a professional home organizer. For many, this concept is unacceptable. How on earth, after all, can someone who is absolutely new to someone else’ house, be able to make claims to manage it efficiently? Who would know about one’s house better then those who live there? Therefore, the concept of an outsider coming in to put things straight, as it were, is unthinkable, even ridiculous.

But one reason why professional organizer could be called on is because they are professional. It is their job to go to other people’s houses and help in putting things right. They will obviously not do this on a sustained basis, but just give you the initial stimulation. Once they have organized it, you can take on from there. Many people postpone the organization of the house because of the overwhelming clutter it will bring out that they are not prepared to look after just yet. A professional organizer will help you in organizing your West Cobb home at this stage.

However, there are certain things you must be careful of before you hire a professional organizer to organize your house.

  • Professional Organizers charge by the hour anything between $35 to $250. So you do not want to hand over the organization of your entire house to them. Selectively ask them to organize a portion that you would find most difficult yourself. Check out NAPO for information on professional organizers in the West Cobb area.
  • Keep a tab on the work that the organizers do around your house. Letting them just do their work by leaving them alone is not a good idea. You not only need to know whether they are working at all for the amount they are charging you, but you also need to know where they are keeping your stuff away so that you can find them easily later.
  • Another catch is in getting satisfactory work out of the organizer. They can easily proclaim after 8 hours that they have organized your house. But their notions of ‘organization’ might just not match yours. You do not want to give them their fee for those 8 hours without being satisfied with the job. Therefore, make it clear what exactly you expect of them before you hand over the job to them.

Finally, no matter who you hire, it is eventually, you who has to look after your house. So the sooner you can do it without the help of a professional organizer, the more effective it will be.