30 Days To Organizing Your West Cobb Home – Day 22

Organizing your West Cobb home, especially your entire house at once is a sure prescription for insanity.  Instead, you want to move steadily through your home, organizing in small steps as you go.  Let’s talk bathrooms.  If yours looks less than inviting, we can change that…follow me!

The first things to consider are the countertops.  Are they dirty and disorganized?  First, take everything off of one area of the counter and place it on the floor.  Spray that one area with whatever you use for bathroom cleaner and wipe it down.  Put the things you took off that area back and repeat the steps with the other areas of the countertop.  Put the things that belong in drawers away, and the things that should stay on top (soap dispenser, etc.) should be wiped down.  Don’t neglect the sink—use something that will break up toothpaste spit & soap scum and clean that baby out!

Move on to the toilet.  If you have things on the back of the toilet, take them off, put them on the floor, and clean the back of the tank.  Replace the items and hit the area where the seat lifts—it’s a great collector of hair and dust.  Lift the lid and wipe down the actual seat—you’ll be amazed at the collection of dead skin cells on it. Then clean underneath the seat as well.  Next, scrub the inside of the bowl with whatever cleaner you choose and scrub it with a long-handled toilet brush.  Flush and close the lid—this part is done!  Finally, use your rag and cleaner to hit the bottom of the tank where it bolts to the floor.  This is a prime spot for dust and hair and is often neglected.

Next is the shower or tub.  Shampoo and body wash are great things—they remove grit and oil from our bodies well.  Unfortunately, the bubbles they produce tend to collect on the sides and bottoms of the shower and when they dry, it’s a tough grime to clean.  Grab a good soap-scum cleaner for this job and be prepared to use some elbow grease.  Spray it down and let it sit for 5 minutes.  Then use a non-abrasive (i.e., non-steel-wool) scrubbing pad and go to work.  Keep scrubbing until you hit a smooth tub surface.  Rinse when you’re all done—use a large cup or bowl to splash clean water on the back of the tub and get all the grime down the drain.

Now look at the floor.  Do you have weeks or months of dust and hair there?  Use a broom or Swiffer®-type sweeper to clean it up.  Then go back with a damp mop and grab the dust that’s stuck to the floor from humidity and water.

Finally, grab your window cleaner and spray the mirrors.  Do small sections at a time or the cleaner will dry before you get to it.  Wipe it down and smile—you’re done in the bathroom! Aren’t you happy?