Coffee Shops Around West Cobb

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Did you know that March is National Caffeine Awareness Month? As we venture out to commute downtown or just a quick drive around town, many times we feel the need to stop for a quick caffeine jolt. Why would coffee shops around West Cobb be important to residents? Well, interestingly enough, besides the perk of having a coffee shop nearby, studies have shown that there may be a connection between coffee shops and residential real estate home values.

Often dubbed the “Starbucks Effect” these studies have shown that the proximity to a local coffee shop has a very real, and positive, effect on home values. And while the study attributes increased home values to homes near a Starbucks, the same is true for Dunkin Donuts and local coffee shops.

Curious about YOUR home’s value?

But while we all probably have coffee pots in our homes, we seem to faithfully support the local coffee shop as well. Whether it serves as our “satellite office” or social meeting spot, we seem to favor coffee shops. Studies have also shown that coffee aroma relieves stress, which may be why they are our choice for meeting spots.

I guess that is why we have an entire month to celebrate Caffeine Awareness. When did this dedication to coffee start? Remember the infamous Boston Tea Party? Our departure from England and its tea opened the door to coffee becoming our beverage of choice and was viewed by some as a patriotic responsibility. Prohibition created the next coffee explosion with an alternative to alcohol. The 1950s workplace created “coffee breaks” and our love for the beverage has continued to grow and expand with flavors and recipes. Dunkin Donuts entered the market in 1950 and it’s hard to believe that Starbucks opened their first coffee shop in 1971 in Seattle. What’s next for the coffee industry? You can¬†ponder that question while enjoying a cup of coffee at one of the local coffee shops around West Cobb.

Coffee Shops Around West Cobb

While you can use an app to quickly find a local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, there are some great local coffee shops around West Cobb ready to brew a cup of coffee for you.

Map of Coffee Shops Around West Cobb

What’s your favorite Coffee Shop?

Check out these homes for sale near Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts on Dallas Highway in Marietta:

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