Get The Facts About Selling Your West Cobb Home

The real estate market around West Cobb is hot! Homes are selling quickly and sometimes for more than asking price. During the month of April, homes sold in less than 30 days in West Cobb for a median value of 97.83% of list price. If you are considering selling your home, now may be the time, but get the facts about selling your West Cobb home. Selling your home can be a very complex, difficult and time consuming process, and requires a commitment on your part.

Some of the things you will need to be ready for include getting your home ready for sale. Statistics show that homes that are in move-in ready condition sell faster. Consider any cosmetic problems in your home as well as functional repairs and upgrades. You might want to have an inspection on your home prior to listing it, which will help you understand what might need to be done as well as help to eliminate the costs of paying a buyer’s contractor. Inspections can sometimes derail a sale, but if you have already addressed the problems, it is a non-issue.

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Thinking of selling your house?

Find out what your home value is estimated at today? When you are ready to connect with a great RealtorĀ®, please call 678.920.3099.[/su_icon_panel]

Once you have made the decision to sell, here are ways we can help:

Selling Your West Cobb Home

[av_one_fifth first av_uid=’av-n2hrp0′]CMA[/av_one_fifth]
[av_four_fifth av_uid=’av-5mzbx6c’]Market Trends. We research your market and provide you with a thorough CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) report that uses current listing data and recent neighborhood solds of comparable property sales to begin the process of helping you with selling your home.[/av_four_fifth]

[av_one_fifth first av_uid=’av-56holw4′]Neighborhood[/av_one_fifth]
[av_four_fifth av_uid=’av-4y9hgfo’]Neighborhood Competition. We believe that searching the MLS and previewing currently listed homes that are similar to yours will help us understand your competition. This information will help to determine necessary improvements and pricing strategies to better position you with selling your home.

Curious to see what is for sale in your neighborhood?[/av_four_fifth]

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[av_one_fifth first av_uid=’av-3upj0wk’]Staging Your Home for sale[/av_one_fifth]
[av_four_fifth av_uid=’av-3hwrnuc’]Staging Your Home For Sale. Research shows homes for sale that have been staged sell faster and for a higher price than homes that have not been staged. We provide a book on staging for our clients to help them through the process of cleaning, decluttering, and more that can help them with this process. Professional Stagers as well as Professional Organizers can also be found in our vendor directory.[/av_four_fifth]

[av_one_fifth first av_uid=’av-2wt2jxw’]contract negotiations[/av_one_fifth]
[av_four_fifth av_uid=’av-2l49dkk’]Contract Negotiations.
Our market analysis and home preparation process helps us to price your home for sale, and that means you will be seeing a buyer with a contract soon. We work with you through the negotiation process to ensure your get the best price possible with the fewest concessions in the sale of your home.[/av_four_fifth]

[av_one_fifth first av_uid=’av-213uvlg’]Inspections & Repair Negotiations[/av_one_fifth]
[av_four_fifth av_uid=’av-1m4oq5w’]Inspections & Repair Negotiations.
Although your home is under contract, negotiations can sometimes continue through the inspections and contingency process. Inspections and document reviews can uncover additional items that may also need to be negotiated. We work with you through this process to help ensure a successful sale.[/av_four_fifth]

[av_one_fifth first av_uid=’av-1ac4iok’]Closing on your West Cobb home[/av_one_fifth]
[av_four_fifth av_uid=’av-lwca2c’]Closing.
The closing process can be overwhelming with tasks and deadlines in order to have a successful closing. We work with you to make sure that you have a successful closing that enables you to move forward.[/av_four_fifth]