Heated Flooring – Is It Worth the Cost?

Heated flooring

It seems like everybody is remodeling these days. With everyone spending more
time at home, not only are the dated features of our properties more obvious,
but we also have the time and flexibility to meet contractors and supervise
changes. New flooring is always a popular upgrade and heated floors are one
option worth considering.

Heating Flooring

Heated floors involve adding heating elements under the flooring materials. Many
people love a heated tile floor in the bathroom, or heated laminate in a chilly
basement. Today’s radiant heating systems are more durable and energy-efficient
than ever before and, with proper maintenance, can last over 30 years.

While more expensive upfront, heated floors save money by lowering the amount
of heating needed from the furnace. Since heat rises, the furnace does not need
to work as hard to warm the same space. Radiant floors are also great for allergy
sufferers. Forced air furnaces push dirt, dust, and pollen through the vents, which
can be irritating—especially during winter months when homes are closed off to
outdoor breezes.

Even with these advantages, the decision to install heated floors is not necessarily
an easy one. Radiant floors are expensive. A radiant floor system will cost more
than replacing a furnace with a new energy-efficient model; however, the radiant
floor can also last about 3 times as long. Heated flooring also heads up more
slowly than a furnace, so upgrading to a smart home version will help ensure the
floors are heated when they need to be.

Radiant heated floors are becoming more popular and affordable. When
remodeling or replacing flooring, they are a great upgrade to traditional floors
and will save in energy and maintenance costs over the years while providing
comfort and warmth in the home.