Here We Grow Again – Living in Paulding County

Here we grow again. Living in Paulding County, I remember just a few years ago when the four-way intersection at Dallas Acworth Highway and Cedarcrest Road was a four-way stop. And everyone knew it! In a very short period of time, and when things were tough, Paulding County continued to grow, sometimes slowly, but it still grew. And as Georgia continues to grow, developers look at our neighborhoods from Paulding County to Bartow County and see the economic opportunities – with access to the airport and downtown, as well as residential growth. So it is not surprising that AVATRON announced today that it plans to open up shop in Bartow County with a large-scale, mixed use amusement complex, just north of us in Emerson. Avatron Smart Park hopes to open by 2019.

LakePoint Sports Complex has already claimed its space in Bartow County and continues to grow and evolve into the country’s largest sports recreation facility. Just drive up Cobb Parkway to Highway 293 and watch as the landscape continues to transform with the development of baseball fields, hotels, fast food restaurants and more. The economic impact on the local community, upon completion, is projected to produce up to 26,000 jobs, making the new development one of the largest employers in the Northwest Georgia Region.

And let’s not ignore the impact on real estate:

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So many things happening in our neighborhoods, isn’t this a great place to live? And if you don’t live here – you might want to! Check out current homes for sale and let me know how I can help!