Hiring a Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer’s are becoming increasingly popular, for a very good reason. Hiring a professional organizer can help you expedite decluttering your home.

The past decade has seen life become increasingly sophisticated yet far less labor intensive for most of us. If you want to get and stay ahead, make use of professional organizer services, or what I call ‘efficiency services’. We outsource more and more tasks in our home to other companies just as if our home life was a business. A few of the efficiency services that you probably use include: Delivery services, car wash, laundry, various home maintenance, etc.

While some can afford for those chores to be taken care of by others, what is there left for them to do? And some of us can’t afford to pay for those services, but may need help just getting our homes organized. How can we use our money to maximize the opportunity of our time? That is where professional organizers come in.

Imagine what a professional organizer working for you could do for you personal organization. Everything comes from organization. As a professional organizer I consult with many people to organize everything in their life, organize goals, organize home, organize time, etc. I have chosen three core tips to help you choose a professional organizer that is suitable for you personally.

This may seem strange but I believe the skill of listening is one of the most important that a good professional organizer can have. If the professional organizer can not fully and completely listen to everything you are about and where you are coming from they will never be able to take you to a level of personal organization that satisfies you.

Choosing a professional organizer can be a cause for anxiety itself, which defeats the point of organization services. So here are some key insider tips from a professional organizer, on how you can choose a good professional organizer for your own style and way of doing things.

When we list homes, we always strive to have the homes “ready” for the market. This usually involves organizing and staging. We want your home to look its best before we have it photographed and listed. Selling a home is often like a beauty contest … the best looking one that is also prepared typically wins – in this case it is a sold home! So we work with professional organizers that understand the needs of homeowners, including the “why” behind their organizing.

The professional organizer we work with most frequently is Emily Lyles, of Helping Hands Organizing. As a member of NAPO, she is trained in professional organizers and understands how difficult a process this can be. We often work together when staging a home, since it usually needs to be organized and decluttered before we can stage it. There are several other professional organizers that you can interview as well. We recommend contacting NAPO, since their members are required to abide by a Code of Ethics.

In modern life I believe time becomes so precious to the potential of opportunities and experiences life has to offer. Using a professional organizer will allow you to maximize the life opportunities you can take advantage of.