Home Improvement Projects Before & After Home Purchase

So you have a list of home improvement projects, or things you want to fix before selling your home. A quick trip to the big box home store and you find just the items you need. The problem? You don’t know how much you need because you don’t have your measurements with you. Been there, done that!

My Measures & Dimensions, a premium app (which means it has a cost – albeit minimal) can help save your home measurements on your smartphone and have them handy when you are out shopping.

How It Works

Take a picture of your room or item for your project. Add dimensions. Now you have the information you need. As a homeowner, this is great for improvement projects. As a homebuyer, this is great as you navigate your way through homes, and when you find your dream home, you can have the measurements handy for furniture shopping, decorating, and so much more.


According to the information on the app stores, you can:

  • store dimensions on a photo
  • add arrows, angles and text
  • organize photos/files in folders
  • easy multiple folder and file sharing
  • export photo with dimension to photo library
  • send photo with dimensions via email
  • supported portrait and landscape orientation
  • metric and imperial units: meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches, feet and yards and fractions!
  • and more.

Android appApple Store


Isn’t it amazing how easy some things can be when we use our smartphone? Don’t have a smartphone? Grab a plastic bag and put the same information on a piece of paper along with paint chips and fabric swatches in your handbag or car.

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