Home Safety During The Holidays

As you decorate for the holidays, remember home safety. Did you know that decorative lights start 13% of Christmas tree home fires? The Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that on average, 260 home fires begin with Christmas trees each year, resulting in 12 deaths, 24 injuries and $16.4 million in property damage.  And according to NFPA’s “Home Christmas Tree and Holiday Light Fires” report, on average, one of every 66 reported home Christmas tree fires resulted in a death, compared to an average of one death per 144 total reported home fires. And according to a study by the CDC, injuries from falls increase significantly during the holiday season.

[su_heading style=”flat-green” size=”24″ margin=”0″]Christmas, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Day are the top 3 days of the year for candle fires.[/su_heading]

Those statistics are staggering and are the reason that homeowners need to have a heightened safety awareness during the holiday season. As you prepare to decorate your homes for the holiday, think SAFETY:

Decorating for the Holiday



Sound your alarms. Test your smoke alarms before you begin decorating to make sure they work, and be sure that the batteries have been replaced.  Install smoke carbon monoxide (CO) alarms on every level of your home — especially near sleeping areas. Test the alarms frequently during the holidays, as a precaution.


Always turn off holiday lights when you leave the house unattended or when going to bed. And think safety as you decorate. Keep any combustible products and fire wood away from the house. When hanging outdoor lights, make sure to keep the electrical connectors off the ground and away from metal rain gutters.


Fresh Is Best. While many people like artificial trees because they require less maintenance, you should try to purchase a freshly cut tree because unlike artificial, a fresh tree is more resistant to ignition. You will need to ensure that the tree is watered and keep it away from lit candles and any open flame. An added bonus is the natural fragrance from the tree.


Electrical lights need to be checked for fraying. Carefully inspect your holiday lights checking for fraying, cracked lamp holders, or loose connections. If any of these conditions exist, throw them away and replace them. Make sure that any electrical items, including lights, have a certification mark of an accredited certification organization such as CSA, UL, or ELT.


Trees should be secured. Ensure that your tree is securely in its stand and not leaning. Unstable or improperly secured trees can fall and cause injury and/or damage. And if you have pets or children, or plan to entertain during the holidays, make sure to keep your tree out of your home’s regular traffic path to avoid people inadvertently walking into it.


Yuletide is enjoyable as long as the fireplace is clean. Make sure that your fireplace and chimney are clean and clear of any debris. Keep the hearth and mantel free of debris, decorations and flammable materials. The fireplace should have a glass door or use a metal mesh screen with fireplaces that do not have a glass fireplace door.


Safety Gadgets & Apps

The LifeKeeper Christmas Tree Safety System is available at multiple online sources (WalMart, Amazon, etc.), has an angel ornament that doubles as a heat detector, and sends a signal to a portable, wireless base alarm if the tree temperature gets too high. The angel’s wings also blink every 24 hours to remind you to water your tree.

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Home Electrical Safety Check App

This app will help you inspect your home for potential dangers for each room and offers resolutions for simple, non-technical problems. Where more serious issues are flagged, you are advised to use a licensed electrician.


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If you would like more information on home safety, you can speak to a licensed electrician in Dallas GA.

Share some of your own holiday home safety tips with us. Help everyone stay safe this holiday season.