Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport

Nestled among 60 acres of land west of Dallas, is the Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport. The first jet-capable airport to be built in Georgia in over thirty years, this eco-friendly airport has been endorsed by The Nature Conservancy. And the airport was named by the United States Department of Commerce as winner of the “Excellence for Innovation in Economic Development” Award.  While the Airport was is the ninth local airport in metro Atlanta, it is the first new jet-capable airport in Georgia since 1975.

History of Paulding Airport

The City of Atlanta purchased 10,165 acres of land in Paulding County in 1975, in anticipation of a second international airport. In early 2007, Paulding County purchased 162 of those acres for the new general aviation airport, and the current Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport sits among 60 of those acres.

Airport Facilities

The Paulding Jet Center is a  two story facility with views of the nearby hills and a quiet refuge for passengers and crew. Offering a full suite of luxury, executive concierge services including Jet A Fuel and AV Gas fueling, first-class catering, hangar facilities, transportation and rental cars, storage and tie-down, flight planning, maintenance and avionics services and much more, customers can also avail themselves to conference rooms, comfortable lounges, private showers and media facilities that are available for you and your flight crew.