Many Ways to Decorate With Pennies – Besides a Penny Floor

As I ponder what to do about the powder room in my house, I am surprised at my thoughts. First of all, I am considering wallpaper! But more on that in another post. Secondly, I really want a penny floor.

What is a Penny Floor?

I am sure you have heard of penny tile. If not, it is round mosaic tiles, usually the size of a penny, and typically used in bathrooms. You can see several examples here. But in my case, I mean pennies. Pennies? Yes, those coins in your wallet and jars that you rarely use, but continue to accumulate. I placed some down on the floor to calculate how many I would need, and therefore, how much it would cost. Less than $40 for the pennies, which is basically free – since I already have them in jars! Of course, I could roll the pennies up or take them to the grocery store and cash them out to put towards other tiles. Why would I do that? I actually like the look of a penny floor.

In my research, I came up a website where a couple created their own penny floor. You can see it here.

What Do I Need?

I haven’t started my project yet, but I have created an action plan. Here are the minimum items needed:

  • pennies – [16 pennies = 12 inch line]
  • glue
  • clear epoxy


  1. Choose a starting point just like you would for tiles.
  2. Continue to glue down your pennies until the entire area is covered.
  3. Allow glue to dry.
  4. Add grout or clear epoxy, or both.
  5. Allow epoxy to dry.

You can also use them for other projects including a backsplash, counters and more. Finally, share your photos! I will share mine as soon as I complete the project. And if you are still uncertain, check out this Pinterest page.

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