Psychology of Color

There are many decisions you will make when you own a home. There are several ways you can use paint to decorate:

Create an accent wall
Create faux effects with different painting techniques
Create a mural

While painting can be inexpensive, many homeowners choose “trendy” colors. And often find themselves regretting their decisions. Understanding the psychology of color can help in the selection process. So we are providing a breakdown of different colors and what they mean.

Meaning of colors
Encourages appetite and is often used for the kitchen and dining room. This color raises a room’s energy level meaning it is also stimulating, passionate, exciting, and powerful.
Like the sky and water, blue is calming, healing, soothing, and relaxing. This color is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms, but can also be a good selection to use in a home office.
A ray of sunshine, yellow evokes happiness. This color is often recommended for kitchens, living rooms and dining room because it is very social.
This is the color of color of balance and growth, and considered the most restful color for the eye. It is a color that can be used in any room of the house as it promotes comfort and togetherness.
Derived from red and yellow, orange offers excitement, enthusiasm and is an energetic color. It is thought to be one of the best feng shui colors for the kitchen, dining room, and living room because of its appetizing and social qualities.
A royal color derived from red and blue, purple is very soothing and calming. Softer hues of this color are frequently used for the bedroom while deeper tones make for great accent walls.
The earth tones of brown offer stability and reliability, along with comfort. Brown tones are often seen in bedrooms and living rooms and can be used as a foundation where other colors might be used as an accent.
This is a color of sophistication and power, and is also elegant and modern. It is frequently used as an accent or background color offering other colors the ability to stand out.
A color of purity and clarity, white offers a feeling of expansiveness. It is a good color for small spaces, as well as bathrooms.
While there are several colors to choose from, it is also important to consider the flow of your home and how these colors work together. If you are selling your home, it would be beneficial to paint neutral colors throughout your house offering a buyer a clean palette to color as they like.