Purge The Junk Room and Get Rid of Stuff

Which room is your dumping ground? Oh, stop pretending that you don’t know what I’m talking about. I know you have one. Everyone does. Yours might be the basement, the guest room, your office, or the laundry room.

Today is the day that your ‘junk room’ bites the dust. The phrase for today is “pack and purge.” Repeat it out loud; “pack and purge.” This is your mantra. It will get you through the day. What does today’s mantra mean? It’s time to find out.

Your Assignment

Everyone has “hidden treasures”. You know what it is. It’s the stuff that you stick away in the room you have designated a dumping ground, until you can get to it, read it, sew it, write it, color it, paint it, fix it, sign it, cook it, etc. etc.

You may have stuck it in this room because you didn’t know what to do with it at the time. Well, today it has a place, and that place is out of sight, and NOT in this room. Yes, it is time to pull out those boxes and bins again. It’s time to “pack and purge.”

Start in any corner of the room and pull everything out. Don’t take time to think about the items you have; just pull them out. Now, label three boxes – keep, give, toss. Sit down and begin putting everything in one of those three boxes. Don’t think too hard; you can always go back if you have time to sort later. If you can’t decide what to do with an item immediately, just put it in the ‘keep’ box and don’t worry about it right now. The idea here is to box it all up so your room is cleared out.

Once you have boxed up all your stuff, move the boxes out to a secure storage place. Now, organize and clean your room and turn it back into the room it’s intended to be. You want the room to match the appealing description on the listing, don’t you?

Imagine this room from a real estate agent’s viewpoint. Could you really expect real estate agents to show your house with a description of “mystery room” or “junk room?” How would you explain the embarrassing picture of this room with its piles of junk to a potential buyer? How would you feel about pictures of your junk plastered all over the internet? Will those pictures help sell your house?

You know the answer. This may be a tedious process, but consider this; every piece of junk you put in a box is worth money – real money – when you get that first offer from a buyer who has been dazzled with that guest room of yours! Pack and Purge. Pack and Purge. Sounds a lot better now, doesn’t it?