Real estate in Dallas GA Ready for Holiday Decorations

Do you celebrate Christmas? If you do, chances are you will celebrate the holidays with a Christmas tree. Each year, the majority of Americans purchase at least one Christmas tree for their homes. Decorating the tree varies from home to home. And with real estate in Dallas GA, ready for the grandeur of  holiday decorations, it is always a seasonal adventure to view how different homeowners reflect their individuality in their holiday decor. I remember going to a Christmas Party in Connecticut, and the hostess had “themed” her tree. She lived in a carriage house of an old estate and the space was very small. So she coordinated the tree with her home decor so it accessorized the room instead of having all of the different colored decorations create a distraction.  I was so impressed at the simple elegance of it.  She had several ornaments and beautiful bows, but it was very monotone with peaches and soft pastels.

Later in my career, I worked for a major retailer and we set up our Christmas department in September (ugh!). But the company sent a team of “tree trimmers” to decorate the display trees, so every store had to be set up early in order to have all the stores done by Halloween (still think that is too early). Anyway, every year the trees were themed with ornaments – we had a Baby’s First Christmas Tree, a musical tree, a Disney tree, and so on. I was reminded of the peach and pastel tree in Connecticut and liked the idea of creating a tree with a theme. And if I had more than one story, I would just have more than one tree!

If you are planning on decorating your Christmas tree this year, you may be wondering whether or not it is really worth it to decorate your Christmas tree with a theme. And that decision is a personal one, but before you can make that decision, you need to review what you currently own and whether it would be worth the financial investment. Even if you already own a significant amount of decorations, will they fit your theme, or will you need to replace them? On a themed tree, all of the decorations typically match and the decorations used are all typically associated in one way or another.

Purple Christmas TreeThe type of theme that you would like to use, if you choose to use one, will help to determine whether or not you should go through the hassle of decorating your Christmas tree with a particular theme. For example, it was mentioned above that many just theme their Christmas trees with a particular set of colors. While this can still be difficult to do, it is one of the easier ways to have a Christmas tree theme, especially if the colors are traditional holiday colors. Anything different and you may spend days or even weeks searching for Christmas tree decorations; Christmas tree decorations that may be more than you are willing to pay for. So if you have decided that this year you will theme your tree, be advised to take the simplest approach, it’s usually the easiest way to start.

And while I dislike that the holiday season begins earlier and earlier, if you do decide to decorate your Christmas tree with a particular theme, you may want to think about shopping for your Christmas tree decorations early. As it gets closer to the holiday, inventories begin to dwindle and it will become harder to find unique decorations that coordinate with your theme. When you want to theme your Christmas tree, there is a good chance that you will want certain types of Christmas tree decorations, such as lights and ornaments. If you want to make sure that you get exactly the Christmas tree decorations that you were looking for, you are advised to start purchasing Christmas decorations as soon as they become available or as soon as you make the decision do decorate your Christmas tree a certain way. If you are uncertain about a themed tree, you might want to stick with your current tree this year, and start planning for next year. Take advantage of post Christmas sales and stock up on themed decorations for next year, but you will need to remember this and plan accordingly.

As you begin to think about a theme, you might want to research online sites for ideas. And you might find some unique examples. Create a board on your Pinterest site (you can make it private if you want to keep it secret) and save some of the images there. This is a quick way to remind yourself about the items you liked along with the link from where you found it. Periodically review your board so you can be prepared with shopping lists. Also, make a list of what you currently own so you can see how much you really need to purchase.

If you wanted your  tree to be reflective of the real estate in Dallas GA or the historical neighborhoods in our area, you could decorate your home with the same items available then including mantles adorned with greenery, mistletoe and stockings hung and Christmas Trees were decorated with edible treats such as dried fruits, nuts or popcorn strings as well as ribbons, colored paper, etc.

Once you have your theme developed, explore local retailers and watch for sales to complete your inventory of decorations. And then of course, there is the actual decoration of your tree.

Here are some tree ideas:

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A Christmas Tree decorated in red might include candy canes, red ornaments, red bows and red lights. A white Christmas tree might include white doves, white ornaments, white bows and ribbons. As we stated above, a colored Christmas Tree can offer a fairly easy transition to a themed Christmas Tree.
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A Christmas Tree decorated with music can include musical instrument ornaments, bows made from ribbons with music on them, gold ball ornaments.
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Salute the US with a Christmas Tree decorated in red, white and blue ornaments, American Flags.

Also, remember to think about where you place your tree, especially if you are selling your home during the holiday season.