Shopping for a Dollar | Eagle Dollar Store in Crosspointe Shopping Center Dallas GA

If you hadn’t noticed, there are lots of new businesses opening in the local shopping centers around Cedarcrest and Dallas-Acworth Highway. Over the summer, one of the stores that opened is Eagle Dollar Store in the Crossroads Pointe – Kroger Shopping Center at the corner of Dallas Acworth Highway and Cedarcrest Road. 

My first impression was that they were like Family Dollar or Dollar General – even though “Dollar” was in their name, the pricing was probably not. I recently stopped to pick up some dinner at China Panda, and while waiting, decided to explore Eagle Dollar. And I am very happy that I did. All of the items are $1.00 and their merchandise assortment, while similar to others, offers some unique items.

They offer a variety of home items from kitchen utensils to aluminum foil pans and cleaners; yard care; home improvement; personal care and party goods. I stopped by again last week to stock up on holiday cooking pans and storage, and was surprised to see their assortment of boxed holiday cards, holiday wrap and decorating supplies.

While it’s great to have so many shopping centers nearby on Cobb Parkway, Dallas Highway and Hiram, it’s really nice to know that when you don’t feel like traveling, you can just go to the local shopping center on the corner and pick up those items you forgot.  So, take a minute when you are over there to stop in and see what’s available. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

Eagle Dollar
8876 Dallas Acworth Hwy
Dallas, GA 30132

Phone:(678) 574-5560