So Much Time For Gratitude – Social Distancing Wins

Social Distancing Wins

I know, you’re exhausted. Home schooling, work from home, and so much more. But shelter in place orders have produced social distancing wins and there are so many things to be grateful for. Check out this list:

  1. Dinner with the family. – when was the last time you were all at the dinner table together. Between after school activities, work, volunteer and more, that had become a thing of the past. But it’s back!
  2. Cooking. Actually cooking. No frozen food. But actually learning some new recipes and taking the time to enjoy it. How many of you found out that baking powder has an expiration date for a reason?
  3. Decluttering. OMG – the closets, drawers, cabinets. What things did you find? How much did you sell on FB or just donate to charity? And did you find clothes with tags still on them that you didn’t even remember buying? Oh how shopping habits will change!
  4. Learning. Even if it’s just because you listened to a FB Live or a Zoom call, but you learned something, some little tidbit that makes you smarter at something, anything – just an AHA!
  5. Connecting. Yes, we all spend way too much on our phones. But now we have the time to truly connect. Pick up the phone and talk to an old friend, a relative, a neighbor. And the time to listen!

Technology has enabled us to take advantage of this time for so many things. Tools many never used before are becoming the norm…

Zoom – what we thought of as a business tool is now being used for family reunions, neighborhood gatherings, classes and so much more. Check it out and learn how to use it! Inevitably at some point, you will probably be invited to a Zoom call.

Amazon Alexa/Google Home – oh the 20 second handwashing timer. I am surprised she hasn’t snapped at me about how many times a day I ask her for a 20 second timer. But she also offers entertainment (Alexa, let’s play a game); shopping list (Alexa, add this to my shopping list); recipes (Alexa, show me some chicken recipes).

So instead of blogging about real estate right now, we are going to provide some daily tipson things to do at home and nearby. Let’s take this time to reconnect and learn more about each other, our homes, and this great area of the country we live in! Hope you join me.