Swimming Pools & Parks Around NW Metro Atlanta

Swimming Pools & Parks Around West Cobb

Swimming Pools and Parks – It’s that time of year. Throughout our area there are several lifestyle neighborhoods that include swimming as one of their amenities. And now is the time when those swimming pools begin to open for the season. Residents pay an annual or monthly fee to their HOA and have the privilege of enjoying these amenities. If you don’t live in one of these neighborhoods, you can still enjoy swimming activities this summer at one of the many public pools, water parks and clubs around our area. There are a variety of fees including daily passes and more, so check with the park for more information. There is also the option of purchasing an annual pass to Whitewater at Six Flags,  Fins Up Water at Margaritvalle at Lanier Islands, or Acworth Slide where you can slide down the “world’s largest inflatable water slide” in Acworth, and Six Flags Over Georgia now offers water rides as well.

Check out Swimply and see if you can “rent” a pool for an hour or two near you!

If you haven’t checked out LakePoint Sports Complex in Emerson yet, you might want to this summer. There’s even a summer camp program at Terminus Wake Park for children ages 7-14.

NW Metro Area Swimming Pools & Parks

Contact each pool/park directly for hours, access information and more.

NW Metro Area Swim Neighborhoods

If you are looking to buy a home in one of the many neighborhoods that offer swimming as one of their amenities, please contact us. We are knowledgeable about the area, and specialize in neighborhood homes, lifestyle search.

Here are the most recent listings for homes with a pool around our area. To see more homes for sale with a pool around our area, click here.