Understand HOA & CCR When Looking At Homes For Sale in Dallas GA

As you look around at homes for sale in Dallas GA, you will become aware that many of them are in subdivisions with homeowners associations. And the first step as a potential homeowner would be to understand what that means to you. Homeowners’ Associations are usually run by elected Board members who interpret and enforce HOA rules and must operate under the provisions of the Georgia Property Owners’ Association Act, Article 44-3-220 of the Georgia state code.  The Board is appointed with ensuring that the community is maintained in accordance with the Bylaws of the HOA, hopefully ensuring your property value. They can yield significant legal power over the homeowners up to and including placing a lien on a property if a homeowner falls behind on his dues, or does not maintain their property in accordance with the bylaws, which can also result in fines and a lien on a property. The homeowners’ association will probably exercise a lot of control over how you use your property.


CCR’s are publicly recorded deed restrictions. In subdivisions, a home’s transfer deed will usually include limitations on how the property can be used, and these limitations are usually controlled by the homeowners’ association. Some common CCR items typically include  limitations on what color or colors you can paint your house, the color of the curtains or blinds visible from the street (usually white), and could include the type of fence you can install on your property. 

Residents in subdivisions with homeowners’ associations should confirm what the CCR’s are before moving forward with any home modifications since failure to do so could be costly. Potential buyers should read the CC&Rs carefully before making a final decision. If you don’t understand something, ask for more information, and also seek legal advice if necessary.

Maintenance Fees

Homeowners’ Associations usually require a maintenance to cover the costs of common property maintenance, which depending on the community amenities and number of homes can range from a few hundred dollars a year to a monthly fee.  The fees usually include a specified amount for assessments and/or planned improvements. Buyers should be aware of these costs as they plan their budgets accordingly when determining what they can afford.