What Is A Lockbox? | Selling Your Home In Dallas GA

When a homeowner lists their house with a real estate agent, they may choose to store their house keys in the lockbox for easy access in showing their home.  In fact, these handy accessories have all but replaced the need to keep a key under the mat.  And not to mention, they are a lot more effective and secure.

Why real estate agent use lockboxes

It’s no surprise that real estate agents like to sell houses, but they wouldn’t be in business for long if the homes they show were to be vandalized or illegally accessed by an unlawful individual.  A lockbox works to prevent anyone, other than approved real estate agents, from being granted access into the home.  Not only does it allow the real estate agent to be more effective in showing homes, but it also gives the owner some added peace of mind in knowing that their home is being protected. Newer technology also helps to update real estate agents and sellers with showing alerts, mobile productivity tools, and listing activity reports. This new technology is called an eKey, and replaces the older model lockboxes. With eKEY, your real estate agent’s smartphone becomes their key to access listing properties. 

The Cost

Lockboxes vary in price according to the unit itself.  Depending on your agent, you may be required to purchase a unit if you prefer a specific type of lockbox for a real estate agent to use when showing your home to potential buyers.  In other instances, the real estate agent will provide the lockbox free of charge.  The best way to know for sure is to ask your real estate agent about their policy relating to lockboxes and what, if any, cost will apply to its use.

Lockbox Safety

When it comes to protecting any vacant home, careful planning is a must.  Many experts and homeowners alike believe that having a lockbox alone will not protect the home, but rather the unit together with proper placement would be the better combination for optimal security.  Most real estate agents recommend placing the lockbox in an area that’s concealed, one that’s not obvious at first glance, as opposed to leaving it in plain sight.  Some may prefer to leave the lockbox near the entrance of the home because, after all, how many burglars would ever walk right up to the front door? 

Now that you know where to place the lockbox, you need to know where not to place it.  Never choose a location that’s far from the home or is inconvenient for the real estate agent to access.  In order to show your house to potential buyers, your real estate agent needs to be able to get in the door and it’s not likely that they will be thrilled at the prospect of wading through an overgrown lawn, reaching blindly into a flower garden or sliding through the mud just to find your house key.

Next Steps

If you are ready to sell your home, let us know. We would be more than happy to help you.