6 Ways To Enhance Your Backyard Oasis With A Fire Feature

It used to be that almost every home had a simple fire pit built in the backyard. It was never anything that fancy, usually a circle of bricks or stones where a small campfire could be built. You could pull up a chair, roast a marshmallow, and maybe even tell a few ghost stories. Today, it may not be feasible to dig a hole in your backyard and build a campfire. You may have to get a bit more creative to relive those warm memories. Let’s look at a few interesting new ways to add a fire feature to your yard:

  1. Wood Fire Pit. If possible, the old fashioned campfire pit may be just the thing for you. They add a nostalgic or retro look for your backyard area. Of course, you’ll want to upgrade it for your home, including new building materials and safety features, including stand-alone pits with screened domes. There are tons of DIY articles and videos online that can help you learn more. Before you begin, be sure to check if your municipality or homeowner’s association allows an open fire.
  2. Lava-Ceremic-Glass. In lieu of wood logs, you can now find fire pits that have lava stones, ceramic beads and even glass chips in the center. This popular look is very modern and growing in popularity. The glass even comes in a variety of colors to complement the rest of your outdoor decor. You can choose a fire feature in any number of vessels, from bowls and troughs to torches and tables. Because of the alternative ‘fire’ methods, the vessels are limitless.
  3. Flame Pots. These pots or bowls are a popular choice for lining a walkway or creating a romantic vibe next to the pool. As the sun sets, light the little flames and set the scene for the rest of the evening. Just a few pots strategically placed around your backyard oasis can change the mood dramatically. These pots come in a very large variety of sizes and shapes. They typically use a gel or liquid fuel made specifically to not smoke or smudge. You’ll find some that just look like rocks on fire and others that are very shiny and modern. Choose whatever suits your decor.
  4. Tiki Torches. This is another backyard feature that has been rediscovered and redesigned over the years. The classic tiki at the Hawaiian luau is one type, yes, but there are many others to choose from now. You’ll find this island favorite has gone through a transformation recently and you can now find sleek metal torches in a variety of styles. A convenience factor has been added too. Some styles can be built-in with an underground gas supply, with timers and remotes, as well. Of course, the old style may suit your decor and by all means use them if you wish.
  5. Free-Standing Fireplace. If your backyard oasis has more of a traditional design, a popular trend is to build a traditional, free-standing fireplace, surrounded by comfortable furniture and creating an outdoor living room. In fact, magazines frequently feature gorgeous outdoor rooms complete with a chandelier and a stone fireplace. The fireplace could be an old pueblo beehive, a stone Tuscan beauty, or a magnificent marble creation.
  6. Coffee Table Fire. There are even some very unique fire features that include coffee tables with miniature fire pits in the center, in a variety of shapes and styles. You’ll find square coffee tables with a square center fire pit, rectangular tables with long troughs of flames for a very modern design, and even fire “on” water right in the center of the table.

The old dirt fire pit in the back yard, lined with stones dragged up from the river, is definitely one possibility. But, there are so many more to consider now. The unique combination of materials that you can surround a flame with are almost limitless.

Looking at homes for sale in Acworth? If you are, and an outdoor oasis is on your “must have” list, then consider the above options as you look at homes. And when you settle into your new home, enjoy your outdoor oasis.

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Marna Friedman is your Dallas & Acworth Real Estate Agent.